Fundamentals Programme

Go Snow, the New Zealand Snow Sports Instructors Alliance, ACC, the resorts and Snow Sports NZ have banded together to roll one out for the kids!

The Fundamentals programme is about participation, fun and achievement in snow sports. It is a nationwide initiative that is executed through the ski and snowboard schools throughout New Zealand. Kids are awarded a level and certificate based on the skills that they have developed across four disciplines: park, pipe, free ride and race.

The continuous development of these fundamental skills increases their ability to improve their overall skiing and snowboarding at a higher level. It is this base of skills that means that they can excel in the future as they will have a solid foundation from which to work from. This means they can go bigger, faster, safer and just get better and better!

The Fundamentals programme is being included in the curriculum in schools in the Southern Lakes and a pilot programme is being run with Regional Sports Trust and Snowplanet. The NZ Snow Instructors Alliance teach this in their Level One programme to all new instructors.

Read more about the programme at Snow Sports NZ website.

Info for parents

Info for kids